About Montcalm Golf Club

Golf Digest Design Award

The design and construction of the Montcalm Golf Club was a four-year project spanning from 2000 through 2004. Designed by George Sargent, this 6,927 yard course covers 358 acres of land in the pristine mountain region of Enfield, New Hampshire.

The course’s remote setting was a purposeful choice by its founders, who wanted to build a unique and immaculate course where conditions and maintenance would take precedence over all else. They achieved this by choosing an exclusive location that required a mile-long drive through a gated entry to reach the clubhouse and course, and choosing GF Sargent to create the environment where conditions would be optimal throughout the playing season.

The landscape of the northern New Hampshire area provides outstanding views of mountains, valleys and lakes, as well as rolling hills of velvet green fairways and greens. One of the most picturesque aspects of the course is the varying levels of green that are created by using four different kinds of grasses and three different types of cuts for the roughs.

A private club that is limited to 225 members annually, Montcalm was awarded a Golf Digest award in 2005 as one of the top ten Best New Private Courses in the country, and was again acknowledged in 2007 by the magazine as one of the Best in State. It continually receives rave reviews from members and guests who enjoy the complete privacy and exquisite beauty that is Montcalm.

About the Project

Montcalm, while one of our most outstanding and highest rated designs, presented many unique challenges before we could achieve a level of completion that both the course ownership and we were satisfied with.

Our first main challenge was the very remoteness of the location. Prior to the creation of the course, Enfield was a secluded location and our teams were tasked with providing the optimum in efficiency and planning to ensure that we would have both the supplies and resources needed to complete the project in a timely manner.

The terrain itself also proved an interesting but inviting challenge. Our adherence to the Donald Ross philosophy of trying to maintain as much of the land’s natural character as possible, required us to find creative solutions to using the many rolling hills to our advantage. While the natural terrain could easily challenge a PGA professional, we needed to ensure playability for all levels of golfer, while still providing each with an opportunity for challenge.

Finally, while we enjoy the challenge, the very scale of the project was nothing less than daunting to many. Creating an 18-hole course where previously there was nothing but hills and valleys required an immense level of strategic planning. Our experience in designing and building large scale projects was essential in achieving the goals of completing the project in a cost-effective and timely manner.